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"Taking bold action on climate change simply makes good business sense. It's also the right thing to do for people and the planet"

Sir Richard Branson

Course objectives

  1. Implement climate risk management. Learn what measures your organisation can take to mitigate against climate change impacts in the short and long term.
  2. Understand and adapt to the legal landscape that is shaping your climate-related regulatory compliance responsibilities.
  3. Protect your corporate PR through insight into how your activities contribute to climate change, directly and indirectly. Safeguard and improve your reputation in an increasingly discerning market.
  4. Gain an understanding of how to reduce your carbon footprint.
  5. Mitigate the impact of carbon tax on your bottom line through addressing your greenhouse gas emissions, and those of others in your value chain.
  6. Understand expectations from shareholders and investors in terms of your organisation’s climate-related policies, strategies and governance. 
  7. Prepare for the socio-economic context challenges as climate change impacts increase. Gain an overview of climate change politics and activism.
  8. Understand how your physical infrastructure risk profile will be impacted by climate change effects.
  9. Equip your organisation to draft climate responsive policies, PR and marketing strategies.
  10. Learn about climate change and your employees: employee wellness and employee activism are both starting to feature more on the HR landscape.   

Climate Risk training options

Awareness and Overview Talks - 2 hours

We offer awareness and orientation talks to targeted or general groups of employees and stakeholders.

These talks are held at your premises or we can arrange suitable venues on request

Contact us to book your talk now.

Intensive Workshop - Full-day

Training can be provided either at one of our venues nationwide or at your premises at a discounted rate.

Comprehensive course material is provided

Contact us so that we can work out a package that will suit your needs and your budget.

Customised training

We also offer customised training for individuals of groups of any size, tailoring the material for specific focus.

We will consult with you beforehand and customise our training material accordingly.

Contact us to arrange customised training for your organization now.


Our public courses are hosted in Johannesburg and Cape Town, however onsite training is provided nationwide for groups subject to quotation.  Discounts are provided for onsite training.

Contact us to find out about training at your premises.

"Around the world, climate change is an existential threat - but if we harness the opportunities inherent in addressing climate change, we can reap enormous economic benefits."

Ban Ki-moon, former UN secretary-general