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About Us

Mission and Philosophy

Our mission is to equip corporates and businesses in Southern Africa with the necessary knowledge and skills to mitigate and respond in a proactive fashion towards the challenges that climate change is presenting at this time.  We strive to provide the latest information from a legislative and scientific perspective whilst equipping employees with tools to deal with the emotional impact of this overwhelming information.  We are passionate about empowering organisations to transition to a greener policy and supporting both South Africa and neighbouring countries and our people to make this transition in the interests of humanity, our planet and our future.

Brandon Abdinor, Attorney and Climate Risk Specialist

Brandon Abdinor, Director, is a highly experienced Attorney, Mediator, Facilitator, Writer and Sustainability & Climate Change consultant. Brandon has been responsible for the operational and strategic leadership of 3 different organisations and has driven and overseen various successful growth and transformation initiatives.

In private practice as well as his function as the principal legal officer in various organisation, Brandon has gained extensive experience in  contractual, employment, commercial, construction and sustainability law.


Brandon first fully awoke to the all-important impact of environmental sustainability and its impact on business and society early on in his career. He became an avid student of climate change and related matters such as peak energy, energy and water efficiency, green building imperatives. More recently he developed his expertise on the emerging jurisprudence of climate change law and also how climate change is influencing the psychology of individuals and the market.


As Executive Director of the KZN Master Builders Association, Brandon spearheaded the greening of the organisation, including a comprehensive greening of the commercial property which the association owned and was based in. This led to a programme of promoting and facilitating training and green building practice among the membership.


Brandon has devised and delivered numerous training course and awareness seminars on sustainability, climate change, green building, alternative dispute resolution and various specialist legal topics. He has moderated panel discussions and has spoken at a number of conferences.

Our network of associates and project partners

Over the years we have built up a solid network of professionals and experts in complementary fields, including climate scientists, carbon auditors, tax experts, engineers, architects, psychologists, marketers and more.


We contantly stay updated regarding the latest best practices. Depending on our client's needs, we partner with the appropriate specialists to ensure holistic and resilient solutions.

About The Skills Clinic (Pty) Ltd

The Minute Takers Clinic is part of The Skills Clinic

The Climate Risk Clinic utilises a nationwide network of climate change specialists as both facilitators and consultants and is resourced to consult with climate change scientists should our clients require specialist consulting services.


The Climate Risk Clinic is a product of The Skills Clinic (Pty) Ltd., a SETA accredited corporate training provider. The Skills Clinic (Pty) Ltd was registered in 2012 and has been providing quality training interventions for all levels of corporates including government clients and subsidaries nationwide since, receiving huge accolade and incredible success in providing transformative, quality training interventions.


Elaine Harman, CEO, is the creator and founder of The Skills Clinic. Elaine has a background in psychology and addictions counselling, and solid experience as a facilitator and assessor obtained in industries ranging from risk management, financial consulting, insurance, motor, banking, IT and medical aid. Elaine has assisted companies with roadshows such as Anchor Capital, Volvo and Allan Gray Fund Managers and has consulted at boardroom level with clients such as KPMG, Webber Wentzel and Nutanix. She is a professional master of ceremonies, public speaker, counsellor and entrepreneur and a talented course developer.


Linden Shearar, Director, is one of South Africa’s top business communications strategists with experience in advertising, marketing communication, business strategy, engineering and criminology. Linden has worked as Director of Strategy of companies such as Network BBDO, Amorphous New Media (where he was also Managing Director) and has consulted at Exco level to companies such as Nedbank, Vodacom, Neotel and Emirates Airlines. Linden is currently based overseas but still consults for The Skills Clinic as a high level communications strategist.


Laura Russell, Director, is a Cape Town based speech therapist and TEDx facilitator specialising in presentation skills and communication. Laura has extensive experience in media training and equipping media personalities to present and respond to challenging media situations. Laura heads up our Cape Town division and has been instrumental in designing The Communications Clinic.

Our methodology and training logistics

We research our material extensively and constantly adapt it in order to improve it continually. Our courses combine the latest science, legislative changes and data, in addition to psychology and coaching in order to enhance the learning experience.


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