Climate Risk Management Training, Strategy and Consulting
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Climate Change

is impacting business
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- Carbon and other tax liabilities

Mitigate through strategy and education against:

- Reputation and PR risk

- Legal Compliance risk

- Financial and Insurance risk

- Physical risk

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The climate is changing

understand your risks
protect yourself
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Climate risk / awareness workshops for:

- General employees

- Executive Management

- Risk and Compliance Managers

- SHEQ Officers

Climate Risk Strategies and Training to protect your organisation

Understand and Adapt to Climate Change Risks

Climate change is already impacting on South African society and the business landscape. And all expectations are that this will intensify. In addition to physical risks, there are commercial, regulatory, financial and reputational risks which can pose severe threats to the sustainability of your enterprise.

Shareholders, clients, insurers and banks are increasingly expecting sound climate-related governance, strategy and risk management.

Employee wellness is affected in terms of conventional health and safety, as well as morale and emotional wellbeing.

The Climate Risk Clinic empowers businesses to understand the diverse and increasingly serious impacts of climate change and respond appropriately.

Professional Expertise.

The training has been designed by a leading South African climate risk attorney, and is facilitated by national climate risk and sustainability experts. We are well networked with cutting edge professional and organisations active in the field.

A 360 degree approach to Climate Risk Management and Training

Our 360 degree approach supports informed climate risk management in fields such as executive management, strategy development, finance, risk & compliance management, HR, PR, marketing & communication and SHEQ.

It is increasingly becoming a requirement that climate risks, threats and opportunities are understood, woven into corporate strategies, and addressed in terms of sound climate related governance.

Extreme weather events and water shortages have already impacted the South African business world significantly. This is set to increase in addition to power supply challenges. How is your business preparing for these challenges?

Mounting Pressure from Government

Experiencing local and global pressure, the state is implementing a comprehensive and far-reaching climate response regulatory framework. This is applicable to every sector and each individual business.

The Carbon Tax Act and GHG Emssions Reporting Regulations are already in place. The Climate Change Act is imminent and climate impact assessment requirements are being strengthened.

Carbon Budgets, Sectoral Emissions Targets and enterprise-level Emissions Reduction Plans are becoming the new normal, and will be policed by a range of state enforcement agencies at national and local level.


Threat? Or opportunity?


Left unmanaged, it is a threat, but pressure to transform the economy from a carbon-intensive to a low-carbon model is bringing opportunity too. New technologies, methods and approaches are creating new markets in both goods and services. Gain insight into how climate change is reshaping the economy.

"Companies that don’t adapt will go bankrupt without question."

Mark Carney, governor of the Bank of England, speaking on business and the climate crisis.

Our Mission

Our mission is to equip corporates and businesses in Southern Africa with the necessary knowledge and skills to mitigate and respond in a proactive fashion towards the challenges that climate change is presenting at this time. We strive to provide the latest information from a legislative and scientific perspective whilst equipping employees with tools to deal with the emotional impact of this overwhelming information. We are passionate about empowering organisations to transition to a greener policy and supporting both South Africa and neighbouring countries and our people to make this transition in the interests of humanity, our planet and our future.

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